The stylistic duality, which is apparent in the choice of materials, furniture, decor and lighting fixtures, became the starting point for the design of this interior. The harmonious combination of classic and modern elements gives the space a special charm and sophistication, emphasizing the individuality of its owners.
Glass surfaces visually lighten and increase the space
An unusual WireLine pendant chandelier designed by the duet of Italian designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin for “Flos” company perfectly completes the compositional solution of the living room
Elements of classical and modern style are harmoniously combined in the interior of the apartment
Restrained color palette diluted with splashes of warm terracotta shades
Custom-made massive bar counter
There is a place for a small fireplace, which gives a feeling of home warmth in the compact living room
Bright textured wall decoration is benefited by the restrained design of the modular sofa from the Lowrence collection of Minotti factory
The usage of glossy surfaces in the decoration of the small spaces helps to expand the illusory area
A small but high-tech kitchen includes all the necessary elements for a comfortable work
In addition to the main function, the bar counter also divides the room into an area for cooking and relaxation
There are spacious storage niches in the hallway
The bedroom`s interior is designed in soft soothing colors
The discreet design of the compact Perry table of Minotti fits organically to the space
The articulated mount of the Serge Mouille lamp allows to change the light source depending on the mood, each time creating a new pattern and comfortable conditions for work and rest
Stylistic duality can be traced in the choice of furniture, decorative elements and lighting fixtures, which gives the interior a special charm and sophistication
The bedroom provides a large number of storage niches and shelves with soft lighting, to perform additional decorative function
The guest bedroom interior turned out to be bright and unusual due to the various textures and materials combination
The compact bedroom is equipped with a spacious wardrobe
Bright color accent effectively dilutes the monochrome color range
For the creation of a secluded atmosphere, the transparent wall can be closed with thick curtains