GOLDEN GATE - House Interior

The house interior combines comfort and elegance, keeping a clear style of the decoration in each room, the details thereof flow from space to another, wisely balancing between restraint and ease
The coloristic solution of the living room is based on the contrast of a rich coffee shade and traditional white
The kitchen island serves an additional function of the bar counter
The focal point of the living room is the Bolle chandelier by Galotti&Radice, whose sophisticated design adds playfulness to the overall austere style.
Bresson coffee table from the Italian factory Minotti successfully completes the living room interior
Preferences in the furniture choice were given to the Italian factory Minotti, creating an elegant composition of Lou dining table and Fil Noir armchairs that harmoniously combine function and shape with a comfortable enveloping back and a soft seat
The living room includes a dining area, functional kitchen and bar
Minimalistic Luceplan floor lamp by Counterbalance organically complements the compositional solution
Built-in household appliances not only save a space, but also create a sense of the kitchen interior completeness
The living room provides an access to the open terrace
The kitchen has a bar with a spacious storage niches
The interior is filled with laconic decorative elements that create a feeling of home comfort
Mirror and glossy surfaces visually increase the space
The structure of the Fil Noir dining chair by Minotti is formed with black metal pipes decorated with polished inserts.
The interior of the bedroom is built on the contrast of light and dark shades
A Trompe-l'œil way which is used for the decoration of the bedroom gives a feeling of comfort and sophistication
The space of the room is not overloaded with unnecessary details
The round mirror shape emphasizes the graceful pattern of decorative stucco molding on the walls
The main bedroom has a spacious dressing room
Thanks to its size and modern design, the compact ottoman by The Sofa and Chair Company fits perfectly to the interior
The versatile Zenit storage system, developed by designer Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio, is distinguished by its durability and fixing of aluminum racks without drilling holes and additional attachments, which allows changing the configuration and shelves` height, providing a modular design
A small bathroom is as functional as possible and at the same time very cozy
Practical and high level of comfort space without unnecessary decorative elements echoes the style of the registration of all other rooms in the house
A small cabinet illusory increases due to the mirror surfaces
The severity of the cabinet design is complemented by the Arrangements Round pendant lamp by the Flos factory
The Children's room is designed in soft purple and pearly shades to create an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony
There are a lot of storage niches in the children's bedroom
The room is divided into a zone for work and leisure
The children's bathroom looks unusual and catchily thanks to the wall decoration with tiles in soft pastel shades
Ergonomic bathroom by Inbani Temple with a floor mixer is an excellent choice for the interior decoration in a modern style
The Blokko square sink by the Italian factory Antonio Lupi is made of Carrara marble, which pattern is successfully echoes the marble pattern on the bathroom walls, creating a clear and expressive picture.