ALTER EGO - Apartment Design

The elegant and sophisticated interior was created for a young couple who are fond of art and modern design. Technique of a contrasting color and texture, as well as a competent combination of classic materials and innovative technologies are used in the design of the space.
A living room and a dining room are traditionally combined into a single space
The creators of the project use the technique of contrasting texture and color to enhance the effect of the space perception
Warm honey shades effectively contrasted with cold gray colors
Discreet bedroom decor is mitigated by soft lighting and decorative effects
Sophisticated light bedroom`s scenario allows home owners to create the right atmosphere depending on their mood
Panoramic windows visually enhances the bedroom space
Bedroom and bathroom forms a single room. The creators of the project refused the additional partitions, replacing them with a column for the visual increase
Textured wall decoration in the form of a relief stone "flows" from the living room to the bathroom
Colon has not only functional but also decorative function
Exquisite lighting by BOCCI brand creates a special romantic atmosphere