Quartet - Apartment Design

Modern interior design of an apartment. The project presents original solutions in accordance with the latest trends in apartment design.
Kitchen design projected by ZOOI interior studio
The minimalist and bright dining area
The lighting is organized by moving metal joints
The open space in black and white colors
Minimalist dining area created for the family
Clean geometry and simple lines
The cosy atmosphere in the open space given by the design furniture
The impressive entrance hall made in white
All doors got hided frames
Designer bed with hided saving systems inside
Minimalist bedroom interior for the young couple
All the wooden furniture has been projected by ZOOI studio
Working place in the flat interior
Wooden coverings for the walls
Hided save system does not differ from the common interior design
Bed with hanging effect for the bedroom interior
The white decoration makes the space visually bigger
Viewports and monochromatic impressionist painting
Minimalist interior design for the baby's room
All stuff for kids are ordered in the hided wardrobes
The decòr for the baby's room will be actual for many years to come
The baby's bed with the shelves included
Working zone near the panoramic windows
In the bathroom the shower cabin is decorated with a gray marble
The bathroom design, perfect for the married couple
White bath furniture with hanging effect