CACTUS - Apartment Design

The interior in the loft style for a young couple. The drum installation, designer furniture and stained-glass decor
Loft interior designed by ZOOI for a young family
The glass table, designed by ZOOI, is fixed direcly on the kitchen surface
The kitchen cabinet with built-in appliances
Designer cubic tables and the ceiling framed by metal grids
The living room composes with the kitchen a spacious open space
The unusual designer sofa becomes a shelf for the glass cacti
Drum podium, equipped with a projector sheet
The walls of the sofa area, intented as a niche, are decorated with a concrete plaster
Wooden sheets and black bricks decorate one side of the bedroom
The small area created near the window
The glass cacti as main feature of the industrial style
The large custom-built dressing room
Immediately next too the bed, the dressing room is modern and spacious
The main decoration in the bathroom is the micro cement
Metal frames for towels and a modern bathtub