our job
We create stylish and comfortable interior design. Any project of Zooi studio is made individually. The main idea and concept for us is what will be right for a particular person, family, business. We rely on our experience, creativity and latest achievements to get the best solution for your interior. The result is always better than what the customer could have imagined.
our philosophy
Design affects human. It changes the view of life and the self-image.
According to the opinion of Zooi specialists, a good design is a space that matches with the lifestyle, habits and nature of the person. It gives the feeling that the environment has been chosen especially for that person. The stylish and organized interior represents the way to feel happy and complete. Design and comfort are primarily important for the success of a person's life.
our approach
Every project of our design studio is developed in collaboration with the client. All design elements, designed by the experts of Zooi, correspond with the wishes of the customer. Whatever it is, we fulfill the task professionally with attention to details. The client can be sure: a beautiful stylish object created for him by Zooi designers is always a high-quality and practical decision.
brave people
Each employee of Zooi design studio has a very vivid portfolio of interior designer. To the free creative thinking we always add a practical knowledge with an absolute reference to the customer! Even if we know clearly from the client what is suitable in the best way, we necessarily show an alternative, a bold decision, to demonstrate how the object might look different. Our specialists are not looking for easy ways. Zooi task is to offer the best.
Our job is our way of life. For each person Zooi designers create entirely new individual interiors and objects. We try to find design solutions that can fill the life of anybody, even the most demanding customer that turned for design in Zooi.
We are winners of Ukrainian competitions about the interior design. Recognition of authoritative critics and a wide audience look commendable in the summary of any creative design studio, but for us this is particularly important and stimulates us to the development.
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Philosophy ZOOI studio simply: Our job - is our life. We enjoy it
We diversify for the extensive experience of work with different premises: interior for apartment, cottage design project, architecture, office design, cafes, restaurants and trade areas. In developing the project, we take into account budget, objectives and technical capabilities. We consider all the details, offering design solutions that will be relevant "for the ages” and we not even repeat our own tested successful ideas.

We define together method of work agreements and way to contact each others, but you can call whenever is convenient for you! We understand you are busy with other things and primarily from this reason you turned to experts. By simple words we are ready to explain pros and cons of different layouts and styles, the meaning of various repairs and decorative works, the characteristics of materials. We say openly what is fundamental in the project and what is possible to vary.

Successful interiors are our portfolio and the future. We start from our experience even in works with the boldest ideas. Realized objects of our designers are always obtained in the same way as in the visualization.
Interior Zooi - always new design, made specifically for a particular customer.

Zooi. Design is special like you!
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