Showroom and office interior with individual design solutions about furniture
The reception and the LED lights; the position of the rotating stands helps the employee to move freely
The RGB color model, that is the fusion of blue, red and green spectrums
The minimal style and the soft colors used for the office entrance
The striking LED lighting decorated as wooden block over the long tables
The workstations between the LED lights of the wooden block and the white walls
An example of a presentation zone installed in the office
The bright open space for the guests separated by the other areas by a brilliant red color
The meeting room of the office and the lively red moving panels
The lounge can be transformed into a wardrobe and is colored blue
The separation of spaces by the use of RGB color model
The furniture of the office created by Zooi studio particularly for this company
Employees can work in both sides of the desk thanks to the division of partitions
The kitchen, with different hidden modules, is decorated in green, one of the three colors of the RGB model
The transformer kitchen is now the area for lunch and the panels can hide in any moment all the working elements of the kitchen
A detail of the modern library with an innovative design placed on one side of the workplace
The rotating stands can be moved in the lobby to different positions depending on the function we want to give them
Semi-open position of the stands that lets you see the office partition with the office desks
If the stands are totally opened they help the free movement of the staff in not really busy days
In a fully closed position they hide the desks behind acting like a brand wall
The rotating stands can be also used as background for a room that can be functional for other purposes
For example for a screen, transforming the room into a representation area