Minimal Mine

Modern interior designed by ZOOI for a young family with 2 sons. For the project was combined two one-room and three-room apartments
The wall cupboards made of perfored copper by ZOOI
To create this interior a three-bedroom and one-bedroom apartment have been merged
The bar table works also as a surface for cooking
The kitchen modules have been selected from the Italian factory Minacciolo
Combination of kitchen and living room into a spacious open space
The technical lighting from the Austrian factory XAL in the open space
A soft sofa separates the kitchen area from the living room
Bird's Cage, the designer armchair designed by ZOOI expressly for this interior
In the living room decorative panels imitate a big rough stone
The minimalist bedroom looking like four rooms in one
A glass partition separates the bedroom from the study
Immediately behind a mirror there's also a dressing room
The lamp by Saletti in the shape of a monkey
Next to the bedroom a beside table repeats the idea of the cage
The stylish purple chair coming from the German factory Walter Knoll
The bathroom located straight inside the bedroom
Inside the study a curtain can be used for more privacy
Also the furniture in the study has been created in accordance with the design of ZOOI interior studio
View of the bedroom from inside the studio
The designer purple chair inside the studio from the Swedish factory Bla Station
The elegant and modern interior of the bathroom situated inside the bedroom
The spacious shower box from where the bedroom can be completely seen
Copper washbasinand minimalist design of the bathroom
The apartment has two similar rooms for the children aged 5 and 7
The bunk bed seeming suspended in the air and the climbing wall
The special lamp from Karman in the shape of a deer
Near the window there's a wooden table next to a large bookcase
The same style has been used to design the second children's bedroom
Here the bed is placed in the middle and In the area dedicated to the study there is also a blackboard
The map of the world is reproduced on a wall
The owl-shaped lamp from the factory Karman
The main bathroom has been decorated with a green water color
ZOOI designers realized with their hands also some fish scupltures in the corridor
Detail of the white panels in the shape of a rough stone used in the Kitchen

Because of the frequent cooperation with magazines about interior design for the publication of our projects, we created the opportunity to upload photos, 3D and press releases directly from our site!