River Stone

Pure minimalist interior style by the design studio ZOOI for a family with a small daughter. To implement this project, three apartments were merged.
The open space, which includes kitchen, living room and dining room.
In the kitchen the clear shapes and contrasts prevail: white, black and wood.
For lunch and dinner there is a dining area near the panoramic windows.
A huge modular sofa from the Italian factory Lema, the color of coffee and milk.
It is impossible not to pay attention to the stylish floor lamp, bent over a coffee table.
The interior of the bedroom exceeds all expectations in its level of comfort.
The cabinet furniture in the bedroom has an open structure which creates a sense of spaciousness, and can be made of translucent materials.
The bedroom is combined with a bath, which is decorated with white marble slabs, and a shower box.
And finally the room for the child, divided into two zones: for recreation and for study.
The nanny's bedroom is compact and also looks comfortable and functional. Here, a full rest is guaranteed.
The guest bedroom also has its own comfortable feature: a place to relax by the window.
All connecting premises (corridors and aisles) were also used for the installation of the hidden storage systems.