Interior design of a cooffee-shop in Chernivtsi city, the right place where to enjoy a special roasted coffee
The bright blue-green color creates a particular contrast with the bricks
The first room gives also a nice view of the Teathre Square
The floral decorations often intersect with the modern suspended lamps
The natural colors are represented by the green plants, the blue lamps and the brown bricks
A transparent door leads to a new dimension
In the second room few yellow metal doors, decorated with a netting, acts as a wardrobe
A table with some chairs is in front of a large window
In the bakery zone the brick walls contain niches shaped as windows
The access to the bakery keeps the structure of the bricks
The bakery showcase gives a sense of freshness and original taste
The minimalist and functional bathroom
The door and the window are decorated with a netting

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